OMAR solemnly held the 2018 year-end summary conference and Party


        On January 11, 2019, a day worthy of celebration, the year-end summary conference of Hubei Omar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. was solemnly held. All employees of the company, some suppliers and customers, banks and other people from all walks of life jointly participated in the event.
       At 16:00 p.m. that day, the year-end summary conference kicked off in the enthusiastic expectation of the whole staff of the company. Xiong Jie, the director of the company, introduced the conference process and made an important speech.
        Xiong Hualing, the chairman of the company, affirmed the great achievements made in 2018, pointed out the existing problems and shortcomings, specified the direction of the next step, and put forward ardent hopes for the development prospects of the company and its employees. In 2019, the Omar staff should strive hard to make progress and achieve good results.

Speech by Chairman Xiong Hualing

Speech by Director Xiong Jie
        Yang Haibin, general manager of the company, and Chen Zaili, vice general manager of the company reviewed the development process of the company, summarized experiences and improved shortcomings. The next step is customer demand-oriented, focusing on improving the quality of the company's products and developing new products, in order to lay a solid foundation for the company's development and growth.
 Speech by Yang Haibin, General Manager of the Company

Speech by Chen Zaili, Vice General Manager of the Company
        The company's brilliant achievements are attributed to the efforts of Omar staff. A large number of advanced workers have emerged in the work. The leaders of the company gave high recognition and reward for their hard work and called on all members of the company to keep abreast of the advanced ones.

Company Leaders Award Advanced Employees
Speech by some of the outstanding employees:

          At 17 p.m. that evening, all the participants jointly participated in the splendid and beautiful party. Chairman Xiong Hualing gave a toast. Enthusiastic variety show and exciting Lucky Draw activities were held at the event. This year's gifts are particularly rich: Huawei Mate20, Huawei tablet computer, Bluetooth earphone, wireless charger and many other high-performance electronic products. It is proud that the FCCL in Huawei Mate20 uses the products produced by Omar Electronics. At the same time, the wireless charger material is also our company's key development project in 2019.

The following are the exciting moments of the event:
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